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Max Headroom Invades Doctor Who!!

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Why did I not hear of this til now? A pirate video broadcast of a wacky Max Headroom guy breaks into the middle of a Dr. Who Telecast?

Local News:

National News:

And the ORIGINAL prank!



We Are SIL’s Only Hope!!

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Yes, only we can save Sil!!!

Who’s Sil? Sil is a wacky and weird villain from the Colin Baker era of “Doctor Who“. He is a little, slimy lizardish dude, who rattles his tongue when he laughs. If Jabba The Hutt was a Giant Frog, than this guy is the Tadpole.

Anyway, Sil was a villain in the story “Vengeance on Varos“. He was a money grubbing little sucker trying to nickel and dime the good people of Varos, all while making a television show which was part reality-TV, part snuff film. This episode caused all kind of trouble in Britain back in the day, causing an uproar about violence in the media and whatnot.

“Vengeance on Varos” of my favorite episodes. Due in no small part to the villain Sil, and the guy who played him, Nabil Shaban. He is a wheelchairbound actor, with little or no use of his legs. He played this role with perverse gusto. Quite possibly the sleaziest villain the Doctor has ever faced, and judging from the commentary on that episode…he loved every second of it! Watch this clip…when that weirdo Sil is onscreen…it just lights up:

Sil had one more appearance on the show, as part of the “Trial of a Timelord” series. Another was to be made, with Sil and the Ice Warriors, but it never came to be. It exists as a novel.

Anyway, I was screwing around on Facebook the other day, and misunderstood a friend of mine’s post. She said “Had a great time with SIL last night”. I’m not up on the internet/txt slang, and had no clue SIL was “Sister in Law” or “Son in Law” or something like that… No! The only Sil I knew was this miserly little pollywog! Something I honestly couldn’t see this person knowing anything about. She’s, you know, not a nerd.

But, seeing her post reminded me of Sil. Oh, those times we had! All those laughs! I decided to Google Sil for old times sake. And low and behold…what did I find?

A Facebook Group, entitled “Steven Moffat: Bring back Nabil Shaban as SIL from Doctor Who“. Well, my sentiments exactly! Bring him back with modern special effects and make-up. An awesome and tighter written story. Maybe with some other creatures, or maybe on his own. I think the world needs this little puss-bucket back in a big way.

As for Nabil Shaban, he seems to be keeping busy. He’s in “Children of Men” and some other interesting things. He has done a lot of live theater, including Shakespear. He has his own YouTube channel, which showcases his video art, political rants, reworkings of his Dr. Who stuff into avant-guarde music videos and all other manner of eccentric things. In other words…this is EXACTLY the type of character I want to see on TV.

I don’t know if anyone is paying attention to that FaceBook group. I don’t think Steven Moffat has time to care. He’s a busy fellow making that show. But, if the millions of people who read this blog join this group, maybe WE can make a difference!

Wait, did I say millions? I meant the 12 people who read this blog. Yeah, we can make a difference. If you too love Sil, than what are you waiting for? Join that group!! Don’t like Dr. Who? Never saw it? Don’t care? Even Better! What have you got to loose? Let’s put SIL back on TV whether we want him or not!!!

Shaban in “Born of Fire“, 1983. Looks Jodorowsky-esque!!